We are a boutique business consultancy based on the south coast of the UK but with a global reach. Our main office is in Southampton, but we have associates across the country and around the world. We have delivered engagements in all continents (except Antarctica … perhaps a future aspiration) and for companies ranging from small, 5-man operations to truly global players with thousands of employees. We have no set industry sector we work with but have a strong, historical leaning towards IT management.

Our Approach

Not just ‘stuck’ on one version

Our breadth of capabilities allows us to ‘flex’ our approach to the engagement and the problem the client is experiencing. We bring various techniques and best practice expertise and blend Lean, Business Analysis and Organisational Change Management. We will adapt all we know to your situation and create a tailored engagement for your needs, not just churning out the same approach we use for every client.

Making the work visible

We strive to make sure that all the documentation is unambiguous and explained during the engagement, which means that our work is always clear to follow and maintain once handed over to you after the engagement.

Our Ethos

Working for you and with you

We like to think that we bring many of the benefits of the experience you get from a larger consultancy but with greater intimacy and ownership. We see our job as being there to help you and accept that we are ‘outsiders’ but truly engage to make sure that we fit in; it can be difficult for people to open up so we work hard to build trust and relationships.

We don’t ‘borrow your watch to tell you the time’

We believe that our clients know their business far better than we do or can, and they have engaged us not to tell them what they already know but to enlist our help to advise on how to use best practices, to reveal what was already there or to make sense of things that the client was, sometimes, too close to see. We’re here to bring value through our insight and our independence.

We teach, not just tell

All our consultants are also trainers and are experienced in explaining complex topics. We take a view that, once the engagement has finished, although we would love to continue to work with our clients, we want them to be able to continue the good work we have been part of without having to rely on us. So, we aim, in all our engagements, to impart some of the skills we use, to the client.

Our History

BrightOak started in 2008 with a desire to …

We chose the name ‘BrightOak’ for a number of reasons … we had a beautiful, large oak tree in our garden and the combination of the tree and the sunlight shining through it was … After playing around with the name, my son (then aged just 4) suggested BrightOak and, upon doing some research, we discovered that, not only is it a thing but it is defined like this:

The “Bright Oak” historically stands as a notable meeting place for wise and powerful people to share information and solve problems. Early Celtic tribes in the UK frequently met at prominent features of the landscape. Such meetings were held for celebrations, to share information and to resolve problems.

Bright Oak (en-academic.com)

That was perfect enough but then the article also goes on to say:

One such meeting place near Leodis (Headingley in Leeds, UK) was an oak tree in the forest. This great shire oak was prominent due to its exceptionally bright and shiny leaves. It is believed to have stood in the centre of the village for 1500 years but finally collapsed in 1941.

Adam, the company founder, grew up in Headingley less than a mile from the location of the Headingley Bright Oak.