Consultancy can mean many things to different people. To us, it encapsulates those services we offer aimed at helping resolve specific problems or where specialist knowledge or experience is needed but, for one of many reasons, is not available to our clients in-house.

BrightOak has a team dedicated to IT and business process project management and implementation. Our clients have achieved better business outcomes across their enterprises by utilising our experience with IT strategy, design and implementation.

We are not just talking about ‘IT solutions’, but turning your business strategy into a reality, delivering practical business benefits. Our business isn’t about IT; it’s about solving business problems with the effective use of IT, and where we stand out is that we are your partners, bringing to the table our expertise for you to use in the best way for you. We have no preconceived ideas about what you need but a wealth of experience in creating a path to where you want to be.


From the start of an idea to the sign-off and all the steps in between, we offer you support, guidance and good old hard work to achieve your business aims.

It might mean a short-term engagement, it might be intermittent, or it might be long-term but irregular. We can offer a completely customised service or an out-of-the-box one. With a wide range of experience covering various business skills, we can tailor a package to match your needs. Be it a single piece of work or for a long-term project.



From business improvement activities to programme and project management, our BrightOak consultants are flexible and skilled. We deliver an extensive catalogue of skills and services to provide our clients with the following benefits:

  • Significant Cost Savings
  • Quality Processes
  • Access to a diverse pool of Skilled Professionals
  • Shortened Lead Times for Project Start-Ups
  • On-time Deliveries within Budgeted Costs
  • Work delivered to committed service levels
  • Access to Senior Management for Project Issues
  • Extensive Experience working with other clients in various domains

Here are a few of the consultancy services we have delivered

  • Service management maturity assessments
  • Improvement projects
  • Interim project management
  • Service Desk reviews
  • Supplier management
  • Supplier shortlisting and selection
  • Toolset evaluation and selection
  • Business Architecture, Design & Analysis
  • Customer Experience Mapping
  • Operating Model development
  • Business Process Analysis & Design
  • Business Requirements Management
  • Product Ownership (Agile & SAFe)
  • Business Analysis
  • Service & Team Management
  • Demand Management